How to Make a GREAT Bachelorette Party Playlist

A good bachelorette party can be killed by bad music. On the other hand, a bad bachelorette party can be saved by a great bachelorette playlist full of fun, original music to enhance everyone’s mood. Your bachelorette playlist can ruin everything at your bachelorette party, or make for a fantastic evening of girls’ fun. was created to help you make an awesome bachelorette playlist that will get the party started! Shop for bachelorette party supplies at and follow these tips when creating your bachelorette playlist:

Don’t start out full-blast. 

The night should begin with a chill vibe, but not put the bachelorette party guests to sleep. Leave the Tori Amos and Taylor Swift behind, but consider Amy Winehouse or Esthero.

Mix it up.

Making a bachelorette playlist can be tons of fun, especially when you start to get creative and think of all of the songs that you and the bride have had good times to. Make sure not to let your memories overwhelm your bachelorette playlist: Variety is important. Your favorite soundtracks are a good source for music that can jog every memory at your bachelorette party. However, never include spoken word or comedy.

Less old, more new.

Chances are, the bride is already feeling nervous about her new life of old-style. Don’t include fuddy-duddy songs like “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.” It’s been done. You can do better for your bachelorette party playlist!

Include remixes and covers.

Your bachelorette playlist can include the dull, sappy songs that you want to include…if they are pumped up. That way, the bachelorette party guests can sing along but not get bored by an old fashioned beat. Try dance tunes, remixes, covers, and songs suggested from a popular music selection on a Pandora-type music service.

See what the bride is listening to!

Check her Facebook, iTunes Ping, Spotify, LastFM or other online music service to see what the bride has been digging lately. Surprise her by including her most current favorites in her bachelorette party playlist!